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AT&T not spending $150M to push Lumia 900, source says

The carrier is spending significantly less to promote the Lumia 900.

HTC Titan II (L), Nokia Lumia 900 (R)
AT&T won't be spending $150 million on the Lumia 900, after all. Of course, the other Windows Phone, the HTC Titan II, will probably get even less, if anything at all. Josh Miller/CNET

AT&T's marketing clout for the Lumia 900 isn't quite as hefty as initially thought.

The budget to push Nokia's smartphone is significantly lower than the $150 million that Ad Age had reported yesterday, according to a person familiar with the situation. The Verge reported that the actual budget is more in line with a typical high-profile launch.

An AT&T representative declined to comment on a specific figure for the budget.

The amount AT&T spends is crucial to how successful the Lumia 900 will be, as a majority of phones are still purchased directly from the carrier. Beyond AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft have pitched in to generate awareness for the phone and the Windows Phone platform.

If AT&T's budget is lower than previously expected, that will likely mean that Nokia and Microsoft will have to kick even more in. Nokia has previously said it would spend what it takes to be successful in the United States, without giving a figure. On Friday, the company blanketed Times Square with its ads during a short Nicki Minaj concert -- a costly stunt to get consumers on its side.