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AT&T makes global surfing slightly more affordable

New plans from AT&T promise to take the sting out of roaming on international data networks.


Linking to foreign data networks has always been a risky proposition fraught with big financial risks. Tales abound of American users racking up $1,000 phone bills on cruise ships at sea or while vacationing in European countries. Wireless carrier AT&T plans to offer new global pricing to help give travelers a little piece of mind.

To be fair, these new AT&T plans still aren't cheap. Packages run from 120MB for $30 per month, 300MB for $60 per month, topping out at 800MB for $120 per month. Keep in mind, AT&T will charge these prices on top of what users already pay for domestic voice and data services. Another caveat is if you exhaust your data bucket overseas, you'll be slapped with an additional $30, though the fee includes access to another 120MB allowance.

There's no word yet if these plans will include access to 4G LTE infrastructure abroad. Still, budgeting for an extra $30 or even $120 sure beats a multi-grand shocker of an invoice hitting your mailbox at holidays end.