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AT&T to offer day passes for international travelers

Starting Friday, customers traveling to more than 100 countries can pay $10 a day for unlimited text and talk, plus access to their data plan.

Sarah Tew/CNET

AT&T customers who travel abroad can sign up for a new International Day Pass plan.

Rather than paying by usage, the new plan lets you pay a $10-a-day flat free so you can talk and text "all you want" and also access your data plan as though you're in the states.

AT&T said the new plan is available for customers traveling to more than 100 countries listed here.

To use the new plan, customers just need to add it once and it will automatically kick in each time they travel to a supported country, until it's removed.

There's some fine print, though. A footnote on AT&T's announcement says "the International Day Pass feature may be removed if your international voice, text, or data usage exceeds 50 percent of total voice, text, or data usage for two consecutive months. So take "all you want" with a grain of salt."

Editor's note (June 13, 2017): Updated with additional attribution.

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