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AT&T improves service security with encryption

AT&T has added two-factor encryption to its wireless network, the company announced. The encryption is designed to make companies feel safer when using the network.

In an attempt to improve call security on its network, AT&T has added two-factor encryption, the company announced today.

According to AT&T, its encryption service, called Encrypted Mobile Voice, is powered by two products: the KoolSpan TrustChip and SRA International's One Vault Voice. KoolSpan's TrustChip is inserted into a smartphone's microSD slot. With it installed, users are able to place encrypted calls.

AT&T is using One Vault Voice to provide users with an application to control their security. The app integrates into a device's address book and "standard operation" to give users the option to encrypt any call. AT&T said that when encryption is used, the call is protected from end to end.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice is designed specifically for major companies, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations. An AT&T spokesperson said it is not available to consumers. The technology is available to users running BlackBerry devices or Windows Mobile smartphones, and it works in 190 countries.

Organizations interested in deploying Encrypted Mobile Voice will need to pay an additional fee to do so. AT&T said that cost depends on the size of the deployment.