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AT&T GoPhone adds unlimited calling to Mexico starting Feb. 20

This is the third time that AT&T has added unlimited calling to Mexico in its different plans. The company previously brought it to World Connect Value and its subisidiary Cricket Wireless.

AT&T GoPhone customers on the $60-per-month plan can now make unlimited calls to Mexico.

AT&T customers who want to make unlimited calls to Mexico now have another way to do it, the company announced Tuesday.

Starting February 20, AT&T GoPhone customers who subscribe to the company's $60-per-month plan will be able to place unlimited calls to Mexico at no additional charge, the wireless carrier announced on Tuesday. The move follows two developments last month: AT&T announcing that its postpaid subscribers could make unlimited calls to Mexico and its subsidiary Cricket Wireless announcing the same for its customers.

The second-largest US carrier by subscriber count, AT&T has been growing increasingly at home in Mexico. The company announced last month that it had closed its acquisition of Iusacell, a deal that provides AT&T a foothold in the fast-growing Mexican market. Iusacell covers 70 percent of Mexico's population of 120 million people.

AT&T, which previously charged 1 cent a minute to customers who wanted to place calls to Mexico, said last month that Mexico "is the most frequently dialed country among our wireless customers."

The wireless carrier is not alone in providing packages to customers who want to call Mexico. Verizon charges a per-call fee, while T-Mobile offers a $10 unlimited calling plan to landlines there. T-Mobile bumps that price to $15 to add mobile calling.

AT&T's GoPhone offer is available only to those who have the $60-a-month plan. Those with other plans are not offered unlimited calling.

In addition to announcing unlimited calling to Mexico, AT&T said Tuesday that it has boosted its data offerings on the $45- and $60-a-month packages. New and existing GoPhone customers will get 1.5GB of monthly data on the $45 plan and 4GB on the $60 option. They previously received 1GB and 2.5GB of data.

AT&T GoPhone is the company's prepaid service brand. GoPhone users have access to the AT&T network, but rather than get locked into a postpaid agreement, they have prepaid plans that don't come with an annual contract.