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AT&T embraces bar code scanning with new app, services

Steadily growing in popularity, 2D bar codes are set to get added support from AT&T.

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Bar code readers and scanning applications have slowly been gaining popularity in the United States thanks to apps such as ShopSavvy, Compare Everywhere, and Google Shopper. AT&T is jumping on board with its own bar code offerings that the carrier announced today.

Designed for Android and BlackBerry phones, AT&T's new Mobile Barcode Services primarily serve as shopping tools, according to the carrier. First up is the free AT&T Code Scanner app that lets users scan 2D and 1D barcodes to receive coupons, promotional materials, movie trailers, and more. To download the free app for AT&Ts Android phone lineup, which includes the HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate, and Motorola Backflip, visit or search the Android Market for Code Scanner.

If you want to create your own bar code for sharing and storing contact information, linking to Web pages, and creating coupons, the Create-a-Code option on AT&T's Web site can help you do just that. I've seen these codes showing up on the backs of business cards more and more.

Business owners and managers will be pleased to learn that AT&T is expecting to release its Code Management Platform to all business segments in the future. This service helps business customers create an interactive brand experience for their customers with measurable results. Currently, the platform is available only to charter members.

Have you been using any other bar code scanners on your Android handset? Which is your favorite?