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AT&T doubles down on Nokia with exclusive Lumia 920 deal

Following the launch of the Lumia 900 earlier this year, AT&T will offer Nokia's two latest Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 920 will be available only from AT&T.

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia's Lumia 920. Sarah Tew/CNET

AT&T said today it will sell Nokia's Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone smartphones, just the latest in the carrier's increasingly crowded lineup of mobile devices.

The phone is expected to hit the market in November, although AT&T wasn't more specific. The company also didn't provide any pricing information. The Lumia 920, however, will be exclusive to AT&T.

The two phones are critical to Nokia's continued survival. While the Lumia 900 was a modest success for AT&T, its performance didn't wow anyone. Nokia is hoping for better this time around.

Still, the phones face significant competition. In addition to a large lineup of Android smartphones and the iPhone 5, they will also compete against HTC's own Windows Phone 8X, which Microsoft has deemed the flagship phone for its new Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Nokia previously announced the phones at its own event last month. The Lumia 920 features are the same: an 8-megapixel PureView camera, built-in wireless charging, a 4.5-inch ClearBlack display made of Gorilla Glass 2.0, and the ability to use the touch screen with gloves or fingernail.

The Lumia 820 is a mass-market phone that will sell at a lower price than the 920. Its key feature is an interchangeable shell that allows users to change the color of the case.

The Lumia 920 comes in red, white, black, yellow, and cyan while the Nokia Lumia 820 comes in black.

The phones are just the latest to be announced by AT&T, which is holding a showcase of its holiday-shopping season products later today. CNET will be there to cover all the details.

Here is the full announcement.

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