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AT&T boosts LTE market total to 359 locations

The company's LTE service is now available in Stockton, Calif., Topeka, Kan.; Laredo, Texas; and 10 other areas, while expanded coverage hits San Francisco, Milwaukee, and elsewhere.


AT&T continues to roll out LTE across the U.S.

The company on Wednesday announced that it has deployed 28 new and expanded 4G LTE networks across the United States, bringing its grand total to 359. AT&T's high-speed service is on pace to cover 270 million people by the end of the year. AT&T will have approximately 400 markets by year's end.

According to AT&T, today's rollout includes several new markets, including Stockton, Calif., Topeka, Kan., and Laredo, Texas. The company has also expanded its coverage across San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Milwaukee, among other areas.

AT&T's latest LTE rollout comes just a week after the company announced that it has expanded to 10 more markets.