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AT&T and eMusic launch over-the-air music store

AT&T and eMusic partner up to offer an over-the-air music download service for select cell phones.

eMusic eMusic

Today, AT&T and eMusic introduced a new mobile music service that will allow customers to use their cell phones to preview and purchase songs from the second largest online music seller, without having to deal with pesky PC transfers. The eMusic Mobile service gives AT&T customers access to a catalog of 2.7 million tracks from independent labels, and in addition to an over-the-air (OTA) download, a DRM-free MP3 file will also be available for download to your PC at no extra charge. Pricing starts at $7.49 for five tracks, which is about $1.50 per song--hey, a little pricey, don't you think, guys? By comparison, the Sprint Music Store offers OTA downloads for $0.99 and you get more major-label artists. Verizon also has its V Cast Music Service, but OTA songs cost an even more eye-popping $1.99 each (or 99 cents via PC). eMusic Mobile will initially only be available on a limited number of AT&T's music cell phones, including the Samsung SGH-A717, the Samsung SGH-A727, the Samsung Sync, and the Nokia N75. Not surprisingly, the Apple iPhone is not among the compatible handsets because, oh wait, that's doesn't allow for direct downloads. Check out CNET for more on this story.