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AT&T adds family plans for prepaid subscribers

GoPhone customers can now receive discounts when they add additional lines to their plans.


AT&T on Thursday said it will soon begin offering multi-line discounts for GoPhone subscribers. The wireless company said that its new prepaid family plans could help save customers up to $600 a year.

Here's how it work. You choose one of two plans: $45 a month for 3GB of 4G LTE data or $60 a month for 6GB of 4G LTE data. Both plans also include unlimited talk and text.

You can then add up to five lines for a consumer account or up to 10 lines for businesses. Each line you add will give you additional savings. A second line will take $5 off your bill each month, a third drops it by $10, a fourth by $15 and a fifth line will take $20 off each month. Meanwhile, businesses will see $20 off for each additional line after five lines have already been activated.

AT&T multi-line discounts will go into effect on August 19. The carrier is also offering a buy one get one free deal for GoPhone devices when you activate a new line of service from now until September 22.