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Digital Media

AT&T adding broadcast TV app Locast to DirecTV, U-Verse

Locast provides free access to stations like ABC, CBS and NBC in select US cities.


AT&T is adding Locast, a free broadcast TV app, to DirectTV and U-Verse.

Joan Cros Garcia - Corbis/Getty Images

AT&T said it's adding Locast, an app that streams local broadcaster TV for free, to DirecTV and U-Verse starting Thursday.

Locast provides access to local broadcast stations including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX to people with broadband-connected receivers. It's available in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Denver and Baltimore.

AT&T said it'll still provide its free Local Channel Connector service if a local station isn't otherwise available. The Local Channel Connector uses a free digital broadcast antenna to capture a station's signals. 

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