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At NYC iPhone line, Apple packs them in

With two hours to go, the line starts getting too long so Apple moves everyone closer together. Unfortunately, a lot of people smell kind of funny.

Apple squeezes the front of the line to save space Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

At last count, the line for the iPhone at the 5th Avenue Apple store in Manhattan was approaching a full city block's perimeter in length. As a result, it looks like the security folks have asked the people at the front of the line to pack in a little more, stop reclining in their tents and chairs, and squeeze up closer. Pedestrian traffic has also been "rerouted" so that passers-by are off the sidewalk, leaving it clear for press and Apple fanatics.

Special thanks to the photo editing guys who lent me a power outlet on their generator when I was having battery issues on my Mac! Ironically, this might be the only time when the Genius Bar is closed...by the way, I haven't seen this many photographers since the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival. Also, the front of the line smells really funny...hmmmm, wonder why?

Two hours to go!

UPDATE (4:07 PM ET): A tipster tells us that despite being rather sleepy before, things may be picking up at the iPhone line scene at AT&T stores. At the AT&T store across from the Chrysler Building in midtown, the line's apparently down the block by now.