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At Maker Faire, time to tinker

Gathering focused on do-it-yourself tech provides no shortage of delights for fans of all ages of science, computers, fire art, robotics and more.

Gathering focused on do-it-yourself science, computers, fire art, robotics and more provides no shortage of delights for tech fans of all ages.

An attraction for tech heroes and kids alike

Thousands come to get their hands dirty with the best in do-it-yourself geekery.
April 24, 2006

Maker Faire a geek's dream

reporter's notebook Hundreds of technophiles, robotics freaks and crafters descend on do-it-yourself fair.
April 22, 2006

photos Maker Faire, a weekend do-it-yourself-o-rama, attracts hundreds of exhibitors to San Mateo Fairgrounds.
April 24, 2006

video The Rave 'Raffe, a popular Burning Man concoction that has appeared at various tech events, made a splash at the Maker Faire.
April 25, 2006

video Get a glimpse of all the hacking wizardry with Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media.
April 24, 2006

video CNET was on the sidelines for a game of Segway polo at the Maker Faire. Isn't that Apple's co-founder swinging the mallet?
April 24, 2006

video A look at an ordinary auto that has become a high-tech, computer-controlled wonder car.
April 24, 2006

Meet your Makers Are you a compulsive tech tinkerer, a closet MacGyver? Do you love science fairs? Well, now there's Maker Faire.
April 24, 2006