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At Apple HQ, eye for design extends to men's room

An Apple software engineer tweets a picture of a urinal with an out-of-order sign affixed. The sign includes an apology for the choice of font.

Steve Ko/Twitter

Last night, I was considering the true meaning of truth -- as is normal for a Friday night -- when an odd tweet appeared in my TweetDeck.

Here was something from Steve Ko, who is a software engineer at Apple. I don't know him personally, but his tweet had been retweeted by someone else.

His was a simple tweet. (Well, he does work at Apple.) It read: "Oh, only at Apple."

Attached was a link to a photograph, which I reproduce here. It is a picture of a broken urinal, supposedly at Cupertino HQ.

Some might be astonished that anything at Apple could be broken for more than two minutes, before a genius comes along and fixes it.

However, here seemed to be evidence that this was a longer-term malfunction.

Affixed to the urinal was a piece of paper with a taped-on correction, which together read: "Out of Order. Sorry For The [inconvenience?] choice of font. Thanks."

Here, indeed, was a sorry typographical mess that would have caused coronary conniptions to many an Apple manager's being.

I know that many will think this was mere humor -- the sort of gallows humor employed by those who are imprisoned in the cause of making young boys looks cool in bars.

For myself, it seems clear that the deep dedication to typographical perfection runs even through the restrooms of Cupertino.

I have no reason to believe that this picture is anything but genuine. However, I have contacted Ko and asked whether he might be kind enough to confirm.

I wonder whether, should he reply, it will be in all caps.

Update, 5:43 p.m. PT: Ko contacted me and said, "Yes, it is real. Noticed it on the way out of the office on Friday and just had to share." He seems like a lovely man.