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At $99, HTC Droid Eris might be cheapest Android phone

HTC's Droid Eris is gonna be the cheap stepbrother to the Motorola Droid, coming in at less than 100 bucks.

Droid Eris

A lot of attention has been lavished on the Motorola Droid today--and rightfully so--but it's merely the "cornerstone" of Verizon's Droid family. HTC's Droid Eris is gonna be the cheap stepbrother, at 99 bucks.

Though it's been speculated that the Droid Eris will run Android 1.6 and sport a hard-to-get-excited-about 528MHz Qualcomm CPU, it would be the cheapest Android phone yet in the U.S. Verizon didn't mention it at all today, so we might be a touch skeptical of it making that rumored November 6 launch date, but we'll see.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.