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At 2,000 miles, Road Trip 2007 is moving right along

EV-DO service makes it possible to blog from a remote road in the middle of New Mexico as I hit 2,000 miles even since departure.

After 11 days, I hit 2000.0 miles from departure on Road Trip 2007. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

THREE RIVERS, N.M.--I just hit exactly 2,000.0 miles since leaving on Road Trip 2007, my journey around the Southwest.

And given that there happened to be a little piece of shoulder to pull off on here in the middle of nowhere--truly a remote road--and a good enough signal via my EV-DO card, it seemed worth blogging.

So, if you care--and I'm sure at least 11 of you do, that's what I'm doing: Commemorating that since I left the Bay Area a week ago Monday, I've driven exactly 2,000 miles.

Last year, on Road Trip 2006, I hit 2,000 miles at an vista point overlooking Grand Coulee Dam. No such luck this time, but still, with mountains on both sides of the road, and a glorious sunset lighting up some wonderful clouds, it's quite the view anyway.

I wonder where I'll be at 3,000 miles?

The scenery along the road I was driving when I hit 2,000 miles is beautiful. Daniel Terdiman/CNET