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Asus VG236H adds another dimension

The Asus VG236H features a 120Hz, 3D-capable refresh rate. 3D means good right? Right?!

It's like it's jumping out at you! Josh P. Miller/CNET

The recent shoveling of 3D movies, video games, and TVs/monitors down consumers' throats reminds me of that show "Ed." Remember it? Neither do I. I just remember hearing how it was "America's favorite show," yet I didn't know anyone who actually watched it.

Now I'm not saying 3D technology is as useless and pointless as "Ed," but so far, 3D hasn't proven itself worth paying five bucks extra for. I guess we have James Cameron, in all his audience-manipulating genius, to thank for making "Avatar" such a success and convincing studios that 3D is the way to go.

Anyway, the Asus VG236H monitor is compatible with the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit; however, we only tested the $350 version, which does not include the glasses. With the glasses, the monitor is $500.

We've seen quite a few monitors come through our lab with green push problems (an overabundance of green in the picture), and this one is no different. I've actually tested this on two different Asus VG236H's and found the same results. Fortunately, in this case, you can easily diminish the effects of this by adjusting the green and red values downward. This doesn't perfect the picture, but it definitely brings it closer to what other, better-performing monitors like the Samsung PX2370 can do.

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