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Asus Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich update delayed again

Asus has delayed the Android update for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer yet again -- and fans are seriously angry.

Asus has delayed the Android update for the Asus Transformer tablet yet again -- and fans are seriously angry. Promised for this month, Ice Cream Sandwich will now land on the popular tablet some time in March.

Asus announced the news on its Singapore Facebook page, thanking fans for their patience and understanding. These are qualities sorely lacking in the comments on the post, however, with fans saying things like, "I am you customer. I fell angry. I was betrayed", "That will delay again, Liar ASUS" and "I swear I will never ever buy a product from Asus".

Nice sense of perspective there, guys. I love a software update as much as the next man, but surely this is a bit of an overreaction... aw screw it, I can think of ten reasons why Ice Cream Sandwich beats Gingerbread -- I want my Ice Cream Sandwich! Asus you am liar!

There must be someone who's philosophical about the whole thing, surely. Aha: one fan says, "You do a great job..." -- that's better -- "at destroying trust!" Oh. Er.

The Transformer's update was promised in February, but as the clock ticks down on the month Asus is wobbling on the exact date, hedging its bets with a date of "Feb/March". Honestly, it's a leap year -- Asus has had a whole extra day to get this thing done!

The Transformer's sequel, the brand new Asus Transformer Prime, has suffered some problems with its Ice Cream Sandwich update, but Asus has announced an update that fixes problems with rebooting.

Do you own a Transformer? Are you angry about the state of Android updates? Is a delayed update enough to make you swear off a product or company entirely? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.