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Asus teases new dual-booting Android and Windows tablet

Asus hints at what we can look forward to in 2014 with a teaser video suggesting a new tablet that runs both Android and Windows.

Making plans for the new year? The technology industry is, and Asus has given a hint of what we can look forward to with a teaser video suggesting a new tablet that runs both Android and Windows.

The teaser sees the Statue of Liberty whip out a tablet that switches between blue and Android green, with the title 'Green or Blue? One or Two?' suggesting some dual-booting action.

Press play below to feast your mince pies on the video:

Asus has form with dual-booting devices, such as the Transformer AiO. The idea is to have Android available in an instant for quick tasks, like checking email, casually surfing the web or fooling around with apps and games. Then you have Windows 8 for more involved tasks, like typing or working on spreadsheets or other documents. Whether it's full Windows or cut-down Windows 8 RT remains to be seen.

Asus will reveal all at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, where the best and the rest of the technology industry gathers in Las Vegas to show off their wares for the coming year. The Asus event is on 6 January 2014.

CNET will be on the ground in Vegas, bringing you news, previews, videos and hands-on first impressions of the coolest, quirkiest and most exciting new gadgets that will rock your world in 2014.

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