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Asus teases a new PadFone ahead of MWC

Asus has posted a teaser about its upcoming launch at MWC, and it looks like a new mobile-cum-tablet is on the way.

Everyone's at this teaser game nowadays. Maybe not quite to the same extent as HTC, but still, you can't get through the run-up to a major trade show without being teased left right and centre about upcoming products. Asus' latest is a little odd.

We see Christopher Columbus atop his Monument in Barcelona (the city where Mobile World Congress takes place). But wait! He's not holding a scroll, but a tablet. He takes a call on it, speaking Spanish, telling the person at the other end, "I'm at work right now," and then hangs up.

We're promised we'll see "a new discovery at hand" at Asus' event at MWC. Whatever could it mean? Head to the page on YouTube hosting the clip, and you'll see an invitation to join Asus on Monday, "when Pad and Phone come together". Which seems a pretty clear indication to me that we'll see a new PadFone.

The PadFone 2 is the last model was saw from Asus, back in October last year. In case you missed it, it's a phone and tablet in one: a 4.7-inch handset that slots into a 10.1-inch docking station. Asus managed to get the weight down from the hulking beast that was its predecessor. It's expensive though -- I know you get two devices for your cash, but still, I'd feel a bit wary about laying down around £500.

Asus' event kicks off on Monday at 12:30 GMT. By that time we should've already seen what Huawei and Nokia have to offer. For a full list of where to see what when, check out our handy guide to MWC. We'll be on hand to bring you all the news as it breaks, so keep it CNET UK.

What would you like to see from a next PadFone? And what else are you hoping for from MWC? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.