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Asus S6F: Hands-on with the leather laptop

Crave has fallen disastrously in love with the leather-clad Asus S6F laptop. You wouldn't understand. You can't understand. But we are in love, love, love, like we've never been before. We even fancy the box it came in

There are some gadgets that transcend mere technology and manifest themselves as a living breathing testimonial to lust. The Asus S6F is one such device. Yes, you could class it as a lightweight laptop, but that would be missing the point, as would dismissing our affection for its chocolate brown leather chassis as some simple fetish. It's actually a very complex fetish.

Our affection for this device goes far deeper than the whips, handcuffs and cream: this, dear reader, is love. We love it and it loves us back with 1GB of RAM, a 100GB hard drive and every last clock cycle of its Intel Core Duo heart. And there are 1.66 billion of those every second, so that's a lot of love.

It's not difficult to see the reason for our passion. This is a beautiful machine that's been packaged with real style. The S6F comes in one of the fanciest boxes we've ever seen. Just opening it is a ceremonial occasion.

Using the S6F is a stirring experience -- prying open its 11-inch widescreen TFT panel is enough to discharge an intoxicating fine new-leather perfume. As we caressed its startlingly receptive keyboard under the worried gaze of our colleagues, and allowed its sumptuously clear screen to transfix our eyes, we knew we'd found tech nirvana.

What price is love? Just £1,699 from all good retailers, but if you head over to Micro Anvika around the end of May you can pick it up in a Camel (light brown) version too -- sadly there's no word on the Crocodile version, but the Pink edition we fondled earlier may hit the streets later this year.

We're hoping to stop stroking the S6F long enough to write the UK's first full review in the near future, so check back soon. Isn't love a beautiful thing? -RR