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ROG Swift 360Hz: Asus teamed up with Nvidia to develop the world's fastest monitor

And gamers can expect an ROG version of the company's 32-inch, 1,400-nit, 4K professional graphics display, the PG32UQX.

This story is part of CES 2020, our complete coverage of the showroom floor and the hottest new tech gadgets around.

Higher screen refresh rates in a gaming monitor definitely help with competitive play. But as they climb, the likelihood that you can achieve a sustainable frame rate to match decreases, bringing unwelcome artifacts like tearing and judder -- and thus the need for solid adaptive refresh support. So Asus teamed up with Nvidia to develop the first 360Hz game display incorporating G-Sync hardware. Debuting at CES 2020, it's the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz, a more-better-faster version of the 240Hz ROG Swift PG258Q.

Like most esports monitors, it's a 1080p 25-incher -- technically, a 24.5-incher. Nvidia's contribution seems to be optimizing the pixel response in overdrive mode to reduce ghosting. That's in addition to its already-existing esports-related G-Sync development. And the screen itself is made by AU Optronics.

Aaand... that's all we know about it. The 360Hz and the new ROG Swift PG32UQX are expected sometime later this year, for an as-yet-undisclosed sum.

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So, about that PG32UQX. Acer beat Asus by an hour with its announcement of a directly competing 32-inch monitor with the same (admittedly yummy) specs: 

  • 4K, DisplayHDR 1400 powered by an 1,152-zone local-dimming mini LED backlight
  • G-Sync Ultimate certified 
  • 144Hz refresh rate

Asus hasn't provided any details about the color, though it's at least 95% P3, a requirement of the DisplayHDR 1400 certification. The Acer Predator X32 costs $3,600, so I'd expect the Swift to hit the same heights.

Originally published Jan. 5.