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Asus Qube Google TV set-top box and dongle incoming

Asus is getting ready to launch its first Google TV set-top box, according to a filing at the FCC.

Asus will soon release a set-top box and dongle combo running Google TV, Engadget reports.

The device, known as the Asus Qube, has shown up in an FCC (that's the US Federal Communications Commission) approval document. That chap up there by the ruler is part of the dongle.

There are no dimensions or specs, but the Qube is expected to be a small set-top box that links to a wireless dongle that plugs into your TV. It's thought the device will pair with an RF-based keyboard and touchpad.

Engadget also speculates it'll use the same Marvell Armada processor found in other Google TV set-top boxes, so performance should be on a par with those. It's deduced this by looking at the listings on Google Play for the O!Mobile Control Center and Remote apps linked to the Qube.

And if you're thinking what I'm thinking, that the name is rather similar to the Nexus Q, there could be a very good reason for that. A source has told The Verge that the Qube will actually be a Nexus device from Google, replacing the Nexus Q, and that it'll launch in January. That would explain why the Nexus Q has vanished from Google Play.

Google TV hasn't really taken off so far. It hit the UK back in June in the guise of the Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Media Player, but is still beset with usability issues. Earlier this month, the service started being able to use music, movies and TV shows through Google Play. We'll have to wait and see if devices like the Qube can bring Google TV slap bang into the public consciousness.

Is Google TV any good? Or are you better off with YouView or a decent smart TV? Will the Internet on TVs ever really take off? Let me know what you reckon in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: FCC