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Asus PadFone 2 leaks: 4.7-inch screen, new dock

The sequel to the PadFone has leaked, and it's packing a bigger screen and redesigned dock.

Remember the Asus PadFone? You know, the mobile-cum-tablet hybrid that promised the best of both worlds but in reality proved too bulky? Asus is prepping a follow-up. And it's even bigger.

The PadFone 2 is set to be announced next week, but it's leaked early, The Verge reports. As well as the bigger screen, we'll get a redesigned dock. Instead of fitting into its tablet housing by way of a backdoor, as on the previous version, the PadFone 2 handset slots in the back.

Bloomberg TV was granted early access to the PadFone 2 ahead of the global announcement on 16 October (that's Tuesday).

The handset sports a natty 4.7-inch screen, which is up from the 4.3-incher on the original. And it slots into a 10-inch tablet, providing the slate's brains, just like its predecessor -- the tablet doesn't work separately.

So if you're not sure whether to buy a mobile or a tablet, and the Galaxy Note 2 is too much of a compromise for you (it is quite ridiculous trying to fit a 5.5-inch device in your pocket), the PadFone 2 could be up your street.

The tablet is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, too, which should make lugging it around that little bit easier. On the back it has a 13-megapixel camera, which looks like it takes some pretty sweet snaps.

The original PadFone was a great idea, but proved too bulky -- the mobile and tablet combined weighed about the same as a laptop, which is no good if you want to carry it with you wherever you go. So hopefully this new slimmer model will be an improvement.

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Image credit: @evleaks