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Asus PA246Q review: Now with more graphical grid overlays

The Asus PA246Q does graphical grid overlays and so much more.

With the Asus PA246Q, it's the small details (you likely can't see in this pic) that make all the difference. Josh Miller/CNET

There are three specific reasons to be excited about the Asus PA246Q review. One, it's the first monitor we've had the opportunity to calibrate using a new tool, SpectraCal's CalPC; two, it's the first 24-inch plus monitor we've reviewed with a high-end P-IPS panel that costs less than $500.

Finally, the graphical overlay feature may be the most original monitor option I've encountered in more than three years of writing monitor reviews. Essentially, the feature places one of a number of different grid and photo size options on the screen, allowing for increased precision when tailoring graphics or printing photos.

For your viewing pleasure, I've also included the following snazzy slideshow, because people love slideshows. At least, that's what they tell me.

Anyway, keep reading to see if the above mentioned features were a cheap solicitation ploy or if the PA246Q is worth the relatively low amount of cash Asus is asking for.

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Asus PA246Q