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Asus Lyra Voice mesh router and Alexa speaker is coming this month

The combination wireless router and Alexa speaker hits stores at the end of January for $220 and now works with all Asus AiMesh networking products.


The Asus Lyra Voice combination wireless mesh router and Alexa speaker for CES 2019 looks a lot like the one the company announced last year. It has the same audio-oriented, elongated design, and makes a similar promise about offering both Alexa support through a built-in speaker and microphone kit and mesh wireless networking. 

Where last year's model required a connection to a separate Asus Lyra wireless hub to provide the mesh networking capability, Asus says this version is now compatible with Asus AiMesh technology, which means it can work with any other Asus AiMesh device to extend Wi-Fi coverage.

You can expect the same AC2000, tri-band wireless technology built into the updated Lyra Voice, although a company spokesperson says Asus has upgraded the networking chipset, as well as the audio system in the unit. It retains the Bluetooth speaker functionality of the previous model as well. 

Asus says the Lyra Voice will be in stores at the end of the month, and will sell for $220. That's a pretty competitive price for a standalone audio-forward smart speaker, let alone one with mesh networking capabilities. 

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