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Asus Lamborghini VX1 roars into view

For sale: brand new Lamborghini VX1. This bright yellow stunner has just 2GHz on the clock, a rear spoiler and can pull the opposite sex from 50 paces. Maybe

Competition for the hottest, sexiest laptop is stiff right now. After years of putting up with geriatric designs from the likes of IBM, we're now inundated by dozens of hugely attractive portables. Asus is certainly doing its bit for the cause -- first it brought us the audacious leather-clad S6F, and now, ever eager to show Crave its wares, it's sent us the UK's first Lamborghini VX1 laptop.

Perhaps inspired by the Acer Ferrari laptop series, the VX1 is about as striking a laptop as you'll ever see. It's available in glossy black or yellow chassis, both of which have a sturdy aluminium shell instead of ordinary plastic. The lid of the laptop has a raised section that looks like the spoiler of a real Lambo', and you also get the authentic Automobili Lamborghini badge stuck on for good measure.

The whole thing looks and feels great, and is backed up by some impressive specs, as you'd imagine. Rather than try to cram it with the 5.7-litre engine from a Diablo, Asus has opted for a nippy (if not murderously quick) dual-core Intel T2500 processor running at 2GHz, 2GB of RAM, and an Nvidia 7400 VX graphics card -- which to all intents and purposes is an Nvidia 7400 chip with a fancy name.

There's no widescreen display -- instead you get a 15-inch SXGA panel with a native resolution of 1,400x1,050 pixels, and unsurprisingly it's covered in that popular reflective coating stuff all laptop manufacturers seem to love. Both yellow and black versions will cost £1,899, and should be available by early June.

Watch for a full review shortly. -RR