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Asus Eee concept possibly coming to desktops

The $399 Asus Eee PC will have a desktop cousin next year.

The rumored desktop version of the Eee will probably be somewhat larger.

The $399 Asus Eee PC, the surprising popular Linux-based ultraportable laptop, will have a desktop cousin next year, according to a report in DigiTimes. The 7-inch laptop, which sports a 4GB solid-state hard drive and weighs only 2 pounds, scored high marks with us for its simple user interface, low price, and decent performance.

Reviewersand the mainstream press both lavished the recently released laptop with coverage, and Asus claims worldwide shipments have already reached 100,000 units.

No price or spec details on the proposed desktop are available, but the "Eee" in the system's name stands for "Easy to learn, easy to play, easy to work," so you can expect the same tab-based desktop layout, with preloaded software, such as Firefox and Open Office, taking the place of their Microsoft counterparts.