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This crypto-mining Asus motherboard supports 20 GPUs, because 19 wasn't enough

How to feed the Asus H370 Mining Master? Three power supplies, of course.


The Asus H370 Mining Master


Think your gaming PC is beefy? Try mining cryptocurrency. Each of the 20 blue lines on this Asus H370 Mining Master motherboard is a special USB port designed specifically to connect a graphics card.

That's right: 20 graphics cards in a single computer. Not to mention three power supplies to keep them going. 

Because last year's Asus crypto-mining motherboard only supported 19 graphics cards, and clearly that wasn't enough.

Hope you've got air conditioning. 

Believe it or not, the new motherboard's actually supposed to cut back on bulk -- because it's using customized USB ports instead of PCI-Express sockets, you may not need to run as many cables to the board.

No price or release date beyond "later this year," but you can read more in the company's official blog post.

(via Coindesk)