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Asus announces wireless USB LCD monitors

Asus has been talking up its latesy non-Eee creation: wireless computer monitors. That's right, one cable less behind the desk

After ushering in a revolutionary, perception-altering paradigm shift by changing the Eee PC's motto from 'Easy to learn, easy to work, easy to play' to the far more enlightening 'Easy, excellent, exciting', Asus dropped off news about its first wireless LCD computer monitors -- the EzLink Series.

If memory serves -- and it often does -- these Wireless USB monitors were first hinted at in the middle of last year, when Realtek announced its collaboration with Asus on their creation. But we just got word from Asus that they now exist!

Details are scarce of course, and Asus hasn't got back to us regarding exact specifications. But it looks like these monitors will be the first to connect to your desktop or laptop without touching -- y'know, like your parents in bed -- and the promise is the same user experience conventional wired displays offer.

As soon as we know further specs, prices and details, we'll fill you all kinds of in.

In the mean time, let us know what you think about wireless monitors. Are they as pointless and annoying as wireless keyboards or Ashley Simpson? Do you want them smashed to bits like an old TV or, again, Ashley Simpson? Give us your 50 cents in the comments below.