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Asterisk turns 1,000,000; Digium finishes off a banner year

Digium has had the kind of year companies IPO on. Well, maybe it will.

Most people will never have heard of Asterisk, yet it's a sure bet that an increasing number of these same people make calls with it each day. This week, Asterisk registered its 1,000,000th download, while the company behind Asterisk, Digium, continued its dominance with its 24th straight quarter of growth.

Is there an end in sight for Digium's/Asterisk's success? Not anytime soon, it would appear. Tim O'Reilly has called Asterisk the industry's most under-appreciated open-source success story, and he's probably right, though it depends on whom you ask. Industry pundits may not give it the credit it's due, but customers certainly are.

Congratulations to Mark and team!