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Assorted other follow-ups

Assorted other follow-ups

Freeze after waking from sleep: Is it the old firmware bug issue? Regarding our item last time on a crash when waking from sleep, David Schwartz reminds me that this is a symptom that was addressed by Apple's 2-3-4-6 GB Firmware Utility. I had assumed the current problem was a different animal, as people were reporting the freeze only after updating to Mac OS 8.1. But perhaps the firmware bug is the cause in at least some cases.

On the other hand, Kevin Schumacher suggests a different cause: PC Exchange 2.2. He writes: "At first, I thought it was something to do with HDT 2.5 drivers, but the problem disappeared when I reverted to PC Exchange control panel 2.0.5 (I didn't try v. 2.1.1)."

USR modems and G3 Macs Regarding our item last time on the USR modem script that works with G3 Macs, a just posted Apple TIL file [#30378] coincidentally covers the same issue. Bill Hayden adds that the Mac OS 8.0/8.1 CD includes a modem script called "US Robotics x2" in the Additional Modem Scripts of the CD Extras Folder. This too appears to work well. Finally, Dan Cobbledick notes that these revised scripts solved a USR modem problem he was having on an non-G3 Mac.

Recovering data from damaged Zip drives: using DiskEssentials Regarding recovering data from damaged Zip disks using Norton Utilities, Dave Dalton writes: "I have had very good luck recovering damaged Zip disks using DiskEssentials 1.1.2. It is a slow process but Disk Essentials tries to maintain the directory structure rather than giving you 500 recovered files in a single folder."

Having FileSaver installed may allow a similar recovery with Norton Utilities.

Netscape versions Regarding the Netscape tweaking reported last time, Steve Dagley clarifies what is going on: "All Netscape servers have been updated to version 4.04.1 of the Mac product (English version). Once the installer has run the user can do a Get Info on the Communicator/Navigator application and see a version string of 4.04.1. Running the app and doing an About Communicator/Navigator will still specify version 4.04 since it's reporting the user agent version which has not changed for 4.04.1."

Ken Workman adds: "To see if you have the 128-bit encryption version of 4.0.4, with Netscape active, go to "About Communicator..." in the Apple Menu. If you scroll down a bit you'll see notice of the RSA Security for US notice; that'll let you know you have the 128-bit version."

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