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Assemble the $99 Kano DIY computer in minutes

With more than $460,000 raised from a Kickstarter campaign, Kano looks set to spark computer education and DIY chops among kids.

The $99 Pi-powered Kano computer can be assembled by kids. Kickstarter

Can computers, and even coding, be as simple and fun as Lego?

Yes, says the London-based group behind Kano, a $99 DIY computer that's designed to provide a sense of play and exploration for what can sometimes seem like just a black box.

Since its debut on Kickstarter earlier this week, the concept has raised more than $460,000, far beyond its funding goal of $100,000. What's so exciting?

Available for $99 for early backers, the Kano kit comes with a Raspberry Pi Model B board, DIY speaker, keyboard, cabling, instructions, and decorative materials like stickers. It connects to a monitor, which is of course not included.

After assembling it (which seems to take less than half an hour), users can create games like Pong and Snake, build the speaker, and modify Minecraft using Kano OS, a Linux-based programming interface.

Kano is designed to challenge closed computer devices and "to start creating with technology -- not just consuming it," the campaign page says.

The instruction books are available so far in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin, with more languages on the way since Kano is trying to be a global grassroots computing project.

Check out the vid below and see more details about Kano here.