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Asos Facebook store lets you acquire attire from the comfort of your wall

Online clothing retailer Asos is planning to launch a Facebook shop later this month, that'll let users browse the entire Asos catalogue and buy clothes without leaving Facebook.

Trendy online clothing retailer will open a Facebook store later this month. It will allow Facebook fans to deck themselves out in this season's ludicrously hip threads from within the social-networking site, without having to travel all the way over to the actual Asos website.

The new store will operate as a Facebook application, and you'll be able to access the entire Asos stock of razor-thin jeans and pork-pie hats.

Just about every website or company, Crave included, uses Facebook to drive traffic and talk to their users, but having an actual shop on Facebook is a step further. Asos adds 1,300 new products every week, so there should be plenty of new bright pink cardies and artfully tatty skirts to keep you coming back.

UK-based Asos, which stands for 'as seen on screen', used to specialise in gearing you up in the styles made popular by celebrities and models. But the site was so popular, thanks largely to sharing on sites like Facebook, that it branched out into selling just about every item of clothing under the sun.

The online shop is expected to launch at the end of January, and we'll get our trendiest editorial hipsters to try buying some hats and shoes and whatnot to test how well it works, and how easy it is.

What do you think? Is this useful and time-saving? Or do you think it's creepy -- this time next year, will the only website be Facebook? Will everything you could possibly want online will be channelled through M-Zuck's social-networking juggernaut? Let us know in the comments, or on our, er... Facebook wall.