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Asko approaches the range hood from a different angle

Wall-mounted range hood by Asko creates an elegant centerpiece for your kitchen appliance set.


From a functional standpoint, a range hood is a necessary part of a serious cook's kitchen. I'm unfortunate enough that my kitchen is lacking one, and so every time I cook something particularly smoky, I have to open every window and the front door to my apartment and cross my fingers that the draft clears the haze before the sprinklers for my building trigger.

But, when judged by their aesthetic appeal, most range hoods come up short. Even in a kitchen full of matching appliances, a poorly chosen range hood is a sure-fire distraction, creating an ugly blemish that happens to be conveniently centered at eye level (and in many designs, highlighted by a dirty yellow light).

Maybe that's why designers have thrown so much focus into creating range hoods like this beauty from Asko. Mounted at an elegant angle and made out of pretty stainless steel, this range hood looks more like a kitchen centerpiece than an eyesore. The steel is also finger-proof, looking clean for longer than conventional range hoods.

Technological features include 60- and 90-centimeter widths and offer four power levels, including booster effect, touch controls, LCD display, electronic timer with delayed shutdown, energy-saving mode, and two 20-watt halogen lights. Asko also incorporated an indicator to inform you when the dishwasher-safe, five-layer aluminum filter has to be cleaned." It also functions quietly, so you won't have to yell over the motor to talk to your house guests.

(Via Appliancist)