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Ask the Experts, Episode 1: Exclusives Breakdown

For the first time in their histories, CNET and GameSpot have teamed up to bring you a new series called "Ask the Experts," which is devoted to answering readers' questions regarding the recently released next-generation consoles.

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In what can only be described as a match made in Internet heaven, CNET and GameSpot have finally teamed up to bring you a brand new series called "Ask the Experts."

Well versed and highly regarded experts Jeff Bakalar (CNET) and Peter Brown (GameSpot) have put together seven episodes designed to carefully navigate viewers through the treacherous waters of next-gen gaming. Using reader-submitted questions from each site's audience, Jeff and Peter break down the sometimes confusing details about each console and give their professional advice on the future of video games.

In our first episode our experts examine the exclusive-software landscape at launch and discuss which console provides the most compelling lineup overall.

Be sure to check back every day for a brand-new episode!