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Ask Clinton and Kaine anything -- in a Quora Q&A

An "Ask Me Anything" segment on Reddit is often an expected stop for politicians and celebrities. The Democratic duo, however, is dropping in at Quora next week.

If you're a public figure looking to connect with a mass tech-savvy audience, an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit is often the way to go. In fact, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did one Wednesday, though it was hosted on his own subreddit, rather than the more customary AMA channel.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine are taking a different approach, answering questions on Quora, a less-popular crowdsourced Q&A site. According to a Sunday post on Quora, the two candidates will respond to questions August 8. Questions are being accepted now. Both Clinton and Kaine have previously made Quora appearances, which the company calls "sessions."

"We're excited to welcome back the Democratic Party Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine as our first group session hosts," the Quora post said. "With 100 days left until Election Day they are excited to answer your questions." Questions can be submitted here.