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Asia's high-tech gateway

The Internet has become the latest power source fueling Asia's economic juggernaut. Malaysia and Hong Kong are the latest to join the race.

As Asia's superheated economy continues to expand, more countries are trying to woo U.S. companies for high-tech business. Here is a look at some areas that have joined the fray.

Gambit in Malaysia
By Tim Clark
Malaysia is making a play to become Asia's gateway to high technology. But it must first win the loyalty of Silicon Valley.

Pipeline to Hong Kong
By Jeff Pelline
Even after China takes over jurisdiction of Hong Kong, the Internet's relatively long presence and business opportunities in the territory could protect its free speech.

China's national intranet
By Courtney Macavinta and Nick Wingfield
China hopes to realize its technological ambitions with a bold new plan that won't sacrifice content control: building a nationwide intranet.