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Asia-based grocery delivery startup Honestbee adds laundry services to its lineup

The new laundry service will be first available in Singapore before being implemented in other cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei.


Honestbee may not be a name you'll hear much in other parts of the world, but the Singapore-based grocery delivery startup has been making plenty of waves in Asia.

Unlike its competitors who have their own supply of fresh perishable goods, Honestbee instead uses shoppers to make purchases at supermarkets which are then delivered. Using the same logistics platform, the startup has also added laundry services to its lineup.

The company's new service offers users the ability to either wash or dry clean outfits without having to leave the home or office, as the startup will provide pickup and delivery. Prices are competitive but won't be as cheap as doing your own washing, and Honestbee will also offer compensation if items are damaged in the process.

Having only launched in July 2015 in Singapore, the company has since expanded its reach to cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei, and plans to launch in Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia before the end of the year.

Honestbee plans to expand the laundry service to Hong Kong and Taiwan soon, and will also be implemented in the other cities the company is launching in, though not immediately on launch.

Be sure to also check out the company's super cool office with a built-in slide in the gallery below.