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AshPoopie gadget incinerates dog poo, leaves odourless ash

Cleaning up after your pooing pooch could be much easier with the AshPoopie -- a wand that turns dog muck into a sterile, odourless ash.

Collection and disposal of canine poo is a daily annoyance for dog owners. That unavoidable ritual could be made much more sanitary, however, thanks to the AshPoopie -- a concept wand designed to take the hassle out of cleaning up after your pooing pooch.

The gadget, designed by Israeli company Paulee CleanTec, is a little more sophisticated than the average pooper scooper, says Not only does it pick the canine crap up off the floor, it'll also turn your dog's droppings into a sterile, odourless ash that's easily disposed of.

Before venturing out, you load the device with a special cartridge containing AshPoopie capsules. Once your dog has evacuated its bowels, you push a button to open up a grabbing arm on the end of the AshPoopie, then hit a second button to scoop the poop up inside it. Once collected, a chopping arm blends the dog waste in 95-degree heat, created by oxidising and reducing agents inside the AshPoopie capsule.

In less than a minute, the AshPoopie can turn what was dog droppings into sterile ash that can be disposed off with ease.

"The amount of ash is between 10-20 per cent of the 'original portion' and it can blow in the wind like cigarette ash," said Oded Halperin, a spokesperson for Paulee CleanTec.

The AshPoopie is still a concept, but its makers say they're creating a prototype and hope to have a final model ready by the first quarter of 2012. It also promises "more poo solutions" are en route, including a cat litter box that will turn cat filth into sterile ash and a remote control robot that roams around parks picking up poop.

Have a look at the video below to see how the AshPoopie might work.