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Ashley Madison hacked and creepy Google Maps in CNET UK Podcast 442

The UK's best technology podcast brings you all the week's biggest gadget news and a potted history of Motorola. Plus, Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales explains his new social network.

Ashley Madison, which claims to be the world's leading site for discreet encounters, has been hacked. Screenshot by Luke Westaway/CNET

Cheaters never prosper -- or at least not this week, with news that extramarital dating site Ashley Madison has been hacked. Intruders are reportedly threatening to expose the personal details of its customers unless the site shuts down.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has a new timeline option that shows you everywhere you've been -- a feature that's both very cool and intensely creepy. After that, we discuss Toshiba's accounting scandal and contemplate what your music taste says about the way your mind works.

We've also got an interview with Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. He talks about The People's Operator, a mobile carrier and social network that gives a portion of your fee to charitable causes. Plus, we dive into the history of Motorola, a company most tech-loving Brits won't have thought twice about, but which basically created the mobile phone as we know it today. We explain why you should care, then move on to your feedback, where we hear about the best gadget you ever bought.

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Ashley Madison hacked, creepy Google Maps and what your music says about your brain in CNET UK Podcast 442

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