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Asetek offers a new liquid solution to cool those hot video cards

Asetek introduced their first cooling solution for hot latest video cards

If you think the new generations of video cards, the Radeon HD 4800 series and the GeForce GTX 200 series, from ATI and nVIDIA, respectively, are hot (as they actually are, literally and figuratively), then just know that they can be cool, too. Liquid-cooled, that is.

ASETEK's new liquid-cooling solution for latest video cards is compact and effective. Asetek

Asetekannounced last Friday their first liquid cooling solution, called LCLC, for the latest video cards from the two leading GPU companies. Asetek's new liquid cooling solution is compact yet powerful enough to bring the temperature of the card down to less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit during peak performance. This allows users to run their high-end 3D games or graphics-intensive applications without being bothered by the fan noise or heating up the office, especially during summertime. This also opens up the GPU over-clocking business to a new potential.

Asetek claims that their liquid-cooling solution has gone through rigorous environmental testing assurance and can withstand shock, vibration, and thermal stress continuously during up to 50,000 hours (about 6 years) of operation with absolutely no end-user maintenance required. Furthermore, the new new cooling method is compact enough to make the card take up only one slot instead of two like other bulky alternatives, leaving end-users more slots for other hardware upgrades. This is especially significant in ATI CrossFire or nVIDIA SLI configurations, where multiple cards are used in a single machine.

Now the question is: What's your game?