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The Apple Store is down as we build to WWDC

With Apple’s big developer conference about to kick off, the tech giant's online store goes dark as usual.


And when it returns, the online Apple Store should have some new developments for you to contemplate.

Screenshot by Andrew Gebhart/CNET

We're expecting Apple to announce a few new products Monday as it kicks off its Worldwide Developers Conference. In the lead-up to the keynote address, which begins at 10 a.m. PT, the Apple Store is down, showing only the simple tease, "We'll be back."

Apple's annual conference runs through June 9, and at the keynote we're likely to get a look at gear including a possible Siri speaker similar to the Amazon Echo, as well as new MacBooks. While we wait, you won't be able to shop for current Apple products. You can still browse the site, but you'll see the image above when you click "buy."

The iPhone maker hits pause on its online store before nearly every event, to the point where it long ago became tradition.

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