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As the trolley goes by...

The Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley provides a home for your wine that still lets you put it on display.

The Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley Bed Bath and Beyond

Getting wine on the table requires certain accessories, from glasses to a corkscrew. A wine trolley isn't actually among the required tools, but the Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley can certainly make the process easier. Not only can you skip trying to carry a wine bottle and everything else from the kitchen to the dining room, you can provide a permanent home for everything to do with your wine in one place. The wine trolley can hold 12 wine bottles securely, letting you transport them around your home if you feel the need to do so. It can also store up to six wine glasses. The trolley has a drawer for holding wine accessories like that all-important corkscrew.

The Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley is constructed from acacia wood, along with chrome-plated posts. Assembly is necessary when you buy it. The wine trolley measures 32.5 inches by 19.5 inches by 15.75 inches. The whole thing is mounted on wheels. While it may not be up to a day at the races, it can safely move your wine bottles and glasses. Whether you're entertaining in the dining room or you want to put clean wine glasses away, it does offer quite a bit of convenience. It is available for $199.99.