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As the Mac turns: MacBook Air delayed, Mac Mini coming soon?

Customers who ordered one of the new MacBook Airs from Apple with the regular hard drive will have to wait a little longer, but Mac Mini mavens should be patient.

Those who ordered a new MacBook Air with the regular hard drive might have to wait longer than expected for their new purchase to arrive. James Martin/CNET News

Apple customers awaiting their new MacBook Airs may have to wait a little longer than they had thought, but potential Mac Mini customers should sit tight.

That seems to the state of the Mac this Wednesday, according to AppleInsider. The site notes that customers who ordered the new MacBook Airs with the 120GB hard drive option are receiving notices from Apple apologizing for a shipping delay.

The systems were expected to go out this week, but now won't go out until the end of November. Those who ordered the more expensive solid-state drive option have already started getting their new systems, which were updated as part of Apple's October notebook event.

But Mac customers hoping to see a new Mac Mini should be pleased to hear the story told by one AppleInsider reader, who reports hearing back directly from an Apple representative after e-mailing hardware honcho Bob Mansfield a plea to save the Mini. The fate of the Mac Mini has been up in the air a bit as we close out 2008, given the length of time since the last update, reports from Europe that retailers aren't getting further shipments of the current model, and Apple's statement that it won't be releasing new Macs before the end of the year. Macworld in January now seems a likely bet.