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As steampunk Nerf guns go, the Goliathon is, well, awesome

One glimpse of this copper-and-brass hand cannon will send your dastardly foes running for the dens of villainy from whence they sprung.


"What happens when you weaponize all the horsepower of a full-size steam locomotive?" asks Professor T. Lemetry. "You get the Goliathon. One shot can level a building, down an airship, or turn a man inside out."

I bet it can take down Morlocks, too.

In any case, this is how the Nerf Vulcan should have been designed. Not out of cheap plastic, but awesome copper and brass.

Meet the Goliathon, a heavily modified Vulcan from Etsy vendor T. Lemetry. It's two and a half feet of steampunky goodness.

The Goliathon features copper piping, brass decorative elements, and four gauges. There's also a metal valve wheel that gives it even more heft.

Sadly, it doesn't fire lasers, musket balls, or even Nerf balls.

It's only a prop, but would add to anyone's steampunk kit. As well as terrify anyone or anything that gets too close to your airship. Price tag: $350.

(Via Technabob)