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As long as there's sun, you can talk

Bluetooth car kit lets you yak forever.

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For all the talk about solar-powered phones this year, there still aren't any that have taken the mass market by storm, or even a light breeze. Until one does come along, we'll be stuck with alternative solutions to harness the sun's rays for endless yakfests. But that doesn't mean we have to resort to carrying a purse to keep our batteries charged, so to speak.

Enter the "Vero Solar Power Bluetooth Car Kit," which claims to be the first Bluetooth portable system of its kind. We're not so sure about that, but it's still a good idea if it works as billed: with 15 hours of talk time and 600 hours on standby, according to Mobility Site. And it's better than having to witness fellow Craver Charlie Cooper do his sun-worshiping dance whenever the we need a new charge, as seen here.