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As iPod evolves, rivals strive to keep pace

roundup Gateway switches on a combo music-photo device two days after Apple debuts its own image-ready iPod. Photos: New forms for iPod rivals

PC maker Gateway unveils a combo music and photo gadget, two days after Apple took the stage with rockers U2 to introduce the iPod Photo.

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Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple, and U2 band members

Gateway to tap out photo, MP3 player beat

The PC maker is coming out with its own hard-drive-based MP3 player--a miniature unit that displays color photos.
October 28, 2004

The iPod's new trick: Photo show

High-capacity music player heads in new direction. Instead of just playing songs, the iPod Photo also shows off your digital pictures.
The New York Times
October 28, 2004

Apple unveils color iPod, U2 edition

Music player's color screen also displays photos, while the rock band edition comes in basic black.
October 26, 2004

Apple iPod Photo

CNET review A slightly thicker iPod offers up photos and album art on a glorious color screen.
October 26, 2004

Apple's U2 'box set' a sign of shifting music pricing?

More "digital box sets" may well be on the way. Could an end to flat-rate music pricing be next?
October 26, 2004

Sony launches music players with MP3 support

The company's first digital audio players to support MP3 files have been released in Europe, marking a big change in strategy.
October 25, 2004

photo coverage

New forms for iPod rivals

Gateway device shows photos, while Olympus opts for picture-taking capabilities and Virgin adds in an FM tuner.
October 28, 2004

iPod gets the picture

Apple's music player now has a color screen--and shows photos. Also: U2 edition comes in basic black.
October 26, 2004

iPods everywhere

Music fans everywhere adore their players. Webshots users share images of their iPods partying, traveling and relaxing.
October 14, 2004

related coverage

Apple shares barrel past $50 on iPod juice

A small bite of Apple has become a mouthful--the iPod has helped the stock double since January.
October 28, 2004

iPod chipmaker edges toward stock market

In a new filing, PortalPlayer says it expects to sell its stock for between $11 and $13 per share.
October 27, 2004