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As if! Video pirate hides Clueless movie in 360-degree YouTube clip

A pirate with the username Thuy Pham surreptitiously inserted a copy of the 1995 teen movie within another 360-degree video on YouTube.




A video pirate going by the YouTube username Thuy Pham surreptitiously embedded a copy of the 1995 teen movie "Clueless" in a 360-degree video uploaded to YouTube this week.

The video (now removed) starts by showing a slightly sped-up version of the film in a normal YouTube screen dimension, but clicking the 360-degree arrows rotates the plane to reveal a larger viewing environment, essentially a video within a video.

Internet sleuths on Twitter were able to identify the background source as this 360-degree music video for the South Korean pop group Bambino.

The pirate took advantage of a loophole in Google's Content ID copyright service that cross-references video uploads with a database of copyrighted content to verify ownership.