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Artist designs gadget to thwart out-of-reach surveillance cams

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei creates a spray-paint holder that extends upward to reach those pesky, hard-to-reach surveillance cameras.

CCTV spray
These illustrations accompany the assembly instructions. Ai Weiwei/"Do It: The Compendium"

Artist Ai Weiwei is a social activist who has championed human rights issues in China. He understands a thing or two about dealing with unwanted surveillance. Weiwei turned his artistry and knowledge into a set of instructions for making a spray-paint lifter to reach cameras in high places.

The instructions appear in Hans Ulrich Obrist's book, "Do It: The Compendium," a volume of instructionals from artists on how to make art. The CCTV spray project involves a stick, nylon rope, a screw, a brake bar, a bottle cage, a wine bottle opener, and a can of spray paint.

The contraption works by using the wine bottle opener to trigger the spray can. The stick gets the can up high enough to block out highly placed cameras. The whole creation looks fairly simple to assemble and use, so long as your spray can doesn't require too much pressure to set it off.

Weiwei chose to use common objects so the device would be accessible to a wide variety of people. Just make sure to hide your face as you're sneaking up on your surveillance camera prey. Oh, and be sure to use this power for good and not evil.

Ai Weiwei
Artist Ai Weiwei in a photo from 2009. Gao Yuan

(Via PSFK)